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Parang Tangkin

 MYR 320.00 


Parang Tangkin

   * out of stock *

 A nice long parang designed to slash bush and brush. Most suitable for cutting weeds , lalang and even overgrown ferns

Thin long blade distributes weight for a good sweeping cut. Long and narrow blade makes it perfect for cutting brush and small branches. 

Able to cut wood as well  , but pls bear in mind these are not dedicated wood choppers, but is fine for bamboo and arm sized trees. 


- Wooden handle and sheath
- Tempered blade made of landrover spring steel

- Monofilament cordage for practicalibility and long lasting
- Hand made - slight variations will occur 
- Shellac finish
- Pinned tang ( 5mm brass pin )


- Overall length of Parang ( including sheath and handle ) : 25 in / 63 cm
Length of blade : 17  in / 43 cm
Width of blade ( widest part ) : 1.8 in / 4.5 cm
Weight of blade and sheath: 790 g
Weight of blade and handle : 555 g

Free delivery within Malaysia 

For international orders, please select Intl Shipping ( + rm 140.00



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