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If the odour of food products has ever been a problem for you, worry no more. Pack your strong smelling items confidently anywhere, all the time.

OPSAK® is a lightweight zip lock bag which has a patented odour proof film. Strong smelling items can now be stored in an OPSAK and the smell will not escape.

Developed for hunters and campers who need to protect their food from foraging animals, OPSAK has unlimited uses anywhere - in the outdoors, in the car, in the office and even at home.

Frequent travelers now can travel with confidence, bring cheese, coffee, durians, shrimp paste, spices, shoes and soiled clothing, without the smell impregnating your clothes in your suitcase or your car. Now clothes can smell like clothes, no matter what you pack in your bags!

Parents traveling with infants will find OPSAK indispensable for storing soiled clothing and diapers. Fishing enthusiast will find it useful for storing smelly bait and even for storing caught fish.

OPSAK is not only odour proof, but as it shares the same closure as Aloksak, it is also waterproof to 200 ft, air and moisture proof, making it suitable for storing liquids as well.

OPSAK is made of FDA approved film, which means that it is suitable for storing food items such as sandwiches, powdered milk, chips, cat and dog food, etc. OPSAK will also prevent freezer burns. Perfect for food that canít last in our humid environment such as biscuits, salt, fried anchovies, Keropok and Papadams or for strong smelling food and fruits (eg. Belacan, Durian, Cempedak, Machang).



Aloksak, Opsak & SplashCaddy Catalogues

You will need a PDF reader to view the catalogue. We recommend Foxit Reader.


  • Quick Facts
    Interesting stuff you should know about your ALOKSAK, OPSAK and SPLASH CADDY.

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    Some of the most demanding users and influential publications put us to the test.






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