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How many times have you gone out on an outdoor trip only to be caught in the rain? Remember frantically looking for your wallet, car keys and hand phone and wrapping them in plastic bags?

Or were you the one of those who come home only to find your wallet and hand phone completely drenched because of the rain or a leaking water bottle?

Everyone knows the kind of damage water can do to your personal belongings, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Finally a one of a kind product which is waterproof and lightweight, yet strong.

ALOKSAK® are specially designed waterproof / airproof zip lock bags which are made of high stretch and high tenacity polymer. Besides their strong material, their seals are also hermetically sealed. This means that once the bags are sealed properly, no air or water can penetrate the seals, making them 100% water and air tight.

Because of their flexibility and transparent design, Aloksak bags make the perfect solution whenever a reliable and compact waterproof bag is needed.

Their compact design also allows you to bring your electronic equipment wherever you go, be it in the damp and humid jungles or at the wet sandy beaches. So compact and lightweight, you can now carry your valuables even in your pocket, pouch bag or even dry suits when you dive!



Aloksak, Opsak & SplashCaddy Catalogues

You will need a PDF reader to view the catalogue. We recommend Foxit Reader.


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