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Set up by four outdoor industry professionals with 30 years of combined experience, Outdoor Dynamics is currently managed by one of its directors who are equally as passionate about the business as their outdoor ventures.


A native of Penang, Ahmad Nadir's exposure to the outdoors at an early age produced a passionate mountain climber and avid photographer.

Nadir's interest in the outdoors took off to uncontrollable dimensions during his university years, as he discovered like-minded friends. Rock climbing, mountain biking, trekking and the wild outdoors took priority over a university degree, very much to his parents' dismay!

However Nadir did graduate with a Bachelor's Degree of Technology, which put him to work in a multinational Japanese car audio assembly plant. Out in the real world, Nadir always knew his dream job of working in the outdoors.

Nadir received a whole new outlook on the outdoor industry when he took on a post as an Assistant Trainer at one of South East Asia's largest outdoor education provider. He worked there for four and a half years, ending up promisingly as a Manager.

Although wild animals run away from him, Nadir is dedicated, organized, approachable, driven, reserved with words, possesses great attention to detail and is a self-confessed gear geek. A small guy with big dreams who believes passion and hard work is all it takes.





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